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    General Membership Meeting


      1.       League Trophies

a.       4 teams or less 1 trophy

b.      6 teams or less 2 trophies

c.       9 teams or less 3 trophies

d.      10 teams or more 4 trophies

      2.      Scheduling to play each team twice or three times will be subject to time of year and player availability

      3.       Rodney Wike stepped down from his position on the Council. Deacon Smith was elected to the Council

      4.       League champ award

a.       Highest winning percentage

b.      Must have played at least 50% of all available games

c.       PPD average (highest) for tie breaker

      5.       Sportsmanship award

a.       To be voted on at the end of session party

      6.       Chalker rules

a.       Follow them!

b.      Chalk and walk is acceptable if all players agree

      7.       The captains voted to purchase/build 4 more standards and rent a storage unit to house them

      8.       Website/domain renewal in January

      9.       End of Session party

a.       3/13/16 at the Haysville VFW

b.       All sheets must be in within 2 days of league play (give to a council member)

c.   Theme to be a Chili Cook-off. More to come.




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